From Brazil to California...

Lara Ismael is a young Brazilian metalsmith based in the California Bay Area. Her artisan jewelry combines modern and antique aesthetics. She is dedicated to a focus on details and small elements which reflect a mix of simplicity and elegance in her jewelry.

Believing in jewelry as a form of intimate art that you exhibit within yourself which can represent parts of who you are, Lara is very interested in creating jewelry that is more than passive decoration.

That interest comes from her childhood, growing up with academic parents in the warmth of the Brazilian tropics. She was exposed and encouraged to develop and create ideas and art all through her life. Being a very active child prone to dangerous adventures her parents found some peace of mind when she was engaged in art.

Lara draws inspiration from geometry, texture, silhouettes and the colorful Brazilian culture. She uses her personal life and experiences growing up in the vibrant country of Brazil to inspire her process of creation. Sounds, structures and visual information are woven in to create her unique style rooted in her upbringing and mixed with a lens of appreciation for all art. These details are one of the highlights evident in her unique pieces.

Lara is a proud designer who carries an intense passion for life in her heart which helps her to innovate. Driven by the belief that everyone deserves to feel and look good she focuses on affecting people’s lives positively as reflected by her creative, thoughtful and unique jewelry.